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"Discover Thick Black Theory - The World's Most RUTHLESS Treatise On Power So That You Can WIN Every Time Without Worry Or Regret..."

"Li Zongwu, a disgruntled politician published it in 1911, a year of chaos in China, when Sun Yat-sen overthrew the Ching dynasty and set up the Chinese Republic.

Li was a scientist of political intrigue. He writes: "When you conceal your will from others, that is Thick. When you impose your will on others, that is Black."

Thick Black Theory describes the ruthless, hypocritical means men use to obtain and hold power.

It went through several printings before being banned as subversive."

Success Magazine

"If you're looking for a powerful life strategy that isn't overly complex, then Thick Black Theory is what you've been searching for. "

You may have read or heard about "Thick Face, Black Heart". If you have, you know that the author completely changed the spirit of Thick Black Theory and insisted that people like "YOU" would never be able to understand Thick Black.

I'm here to tell you that's absolutely not true. . .

"Thick Black Theory is simple, easy to understand and accessible to anyone who reads it and VICIOUSLY EFFECTIVE."

My name is Jon Anxin.

li zongwu statueI released the first and only translation of Thick Black Theory - a treatise on power and winning so effective that it was banned by the Chinese government since 1911.

I also released the first and only Translation of the "Bailian Jings", or scriptures of the White Lotus Society (Which later became the Chinese Mafia), and developed The Four Elements:  Life Alchemy Training program, to help people who want to quickly and easily develop their physical, social, mental and post personal power.

Now, I want to share Thick Black Theory with you. I've gained TREMENDOUS benefits from studying Thick Black, and so have thousands of other people who have read and learned from the initial release.

"Knowing [Thick Black Theory] is about learning how to handle people, which is very useful, especially when it comes to dealing with corrupt officials ."

-Mao Shoulong, public-policy professor at Renmin University

"Now, For The First Time, You Can Read The ORIGINAL Thick Black Theory - Banned In China in 1911, And One Of The Most Influential Books In Modern Chinese Culture"



"Ambitious leaders are advised to first read Houheixue, or Thick Black Theory - a classic of political dark arts published in the last century."

BBC World News

" Uncover The First, Best And ONLY Translation Of The REAL Thick Black Theory Outside Of Chinese Language RIGHT NOW...

This is not a watered down version of the real Thick Black Theory.

This is not Thick Black Theory  wrapped in high-fructose Buddhism in order to appeal to baby boomers.

This is the FIRST, and the ONLY translation of Li Zongwu's original Thick Black Theory outside of  Chinese language, that will show you exactly how to TAKE everything you want from life without  fear, anger or guilt...

Thick Black Theory is a classic treatise on Strategy, similar to Sun Tzu's The Art Of War.

However, Thick Black Theory is more simple on the surface, easier to understand, contains  immediately actionable material and provides a higher level of strategic abstraction than The  Art Of War.

Anyone who loves The Art Of War, Machiavelli, The 48 Laws Of Power, etc. will also love Thick  Black Theory.

In all arenas, the person who WINS will be the one with the thickest face and the blackest heart.

Matt Furey, Author, NCAA II Championship Wrestler

Thick Black Theory by Li Zongwu on Amazon

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"Take Your Thick Black Power To The Next Level With The ONLY Translations Of Li Zongwu's Work From Jon Anxin..."

Thick Black Theory II:  Psychology And Mechanics

Uncover The Powerful Truth Of How The Human Mind Is Influenced, Changed And Even Controlled With The Laws Of Physics And UNLEASH Your Leadership Potential!

TBT218 years after creating Thick Black Theory Li Zongwu finally released Psychology And Mechanics.

The Principles Of Psychology And Mechanics:

  1. “Psychology changes according to the laws of mechanics”
  2. “The thoughts and feelings of humans carry on in a straight line originally but they end up curving and zigzagging in a bewildering manner.”
  3. “A person, the more his knowledge is improved and the more intelligent he becomes has a broader and longer view and his competitiveness decreases.”.
  4. “Competition has to have a limit of what’s necessary to survive. If we go over this limit there will be many harmful side effects.”.
  5. "Among people in the same country, the people with a lower morality compete more, while the people with a higher morality retreat more.”
  6. “There are two ways of competition: The one who attacks the other will face conflict everywhere and usually fails. Those who try harder themselves will get no conflict and usually win.”
  7. “All matters depend on self-profit and other people’s profits. If we can’t get both together then we should just make benefit for others and not harm yourself or profit yourself and not create any harm for others.”
  8. “In the natural world, giving way is common and struggles are the variables.”
  9. “Improvement occurs because of the combination of forces.”
  10. “Give way to people until there is no disturbance to our own survival and compete with people until we have enough to survive.”.

In Psychology And Mechanics You will Discover:

  • The clear, consistent laws of psychology that can prevent disputes between individual humans and humanity in general, and - automatically improve and upgrade human culture
  • How the gravity of the self attracts things we've seen, heard, and experienced and constitutes a mind
  • The formation and function of the thing we call "the self"
  • What happens to human consciousness after death? (With proof from Zhuang Zi [Chuang Tzu] and modern physics)
  • Whether human nature is inherently good, inherently bad, both or neither
  • If human development and evolution progresses as a result of Darwin's Theory Of "survival of the fittest" or Kropotin's "mutual aid" theory
  • Why there has never been a person who was both fearless and compassionate
  • The secret esoteric mathematics of the Dao De Jing - that NOBODY knows about
  • How to unite all the lines of force around you to become an ultimate leader
  • The way to use analytical geometry to plot the progress of personal development and human interaction
  • How to create centrifugal force to draw people around you into your business, your personal goals, mission, etc.
  • The 4 geometric paths that allow people to live happily and peacefully together
  • Why the theories of ancient sages which current civilization is based on are no longer useful
  • The evolution of the world through force, space and time
  • The final verdict on whether mind controls matter or vice versa, and how the answer spirals into a causality destroying cycloid

kindle thick black theory

Thick Black Theory III: I Distrust The Saints

In this short report written in 1927, Li Zongwu further expounds upon his view of Chinese and human history, including:

  • The exact 3-step process that Li Zongwu used to liberate his own thinking
  • Why no sages have arisen in modern times
  • The secret relationship between sages, founders of religions and tyrants
  • The only TRUE sage in Chinese history
  • How Zhuang Zi (Chuang Tzu) usurped Mencius

kindle thick black theory

Thick Black Theory IV: Henpecked Philosophy

In this short report, Li Zongwu covers his theory of "Henpecked Philosophy".

Inside You'll Uncover:

  • The one core relationship left in human society upon which we can rebuild a new, better culture
  • How this core relationship creates heroes in human society
  • "Come back with your shield - or ON it" - the REAL reason 300 Spartans could hold back a million man Persian army
  • Why a new rite based upon the word "fear" must be established
  • The one thing all men of high ability have in common

kindle thick black theory

Thick Black Theory V: Thick Black Words Of Wisdom

Li Zongwu's largest, most profound and final work on Thick Black Theory.

If you're interested in becoming more Thick and Black, then in Addition to Thick Black Theory and Psychology And Mechanics - Thick Black Words Of Wisdom is an essential piece of the puzzle.


Li Zongwu: The Biography

In this short biography of Li Zongwu, the founder of Thick Black Theory, Jonathan Anxin trace's Li's lineage back 10 generations - from Sichuan to Guangdong and uncovers the forces that shaped this 20th century master.

kindle thick black theory

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